Multi LED Voltage Monitors

Multi LED Voltage Monitors


Our range of multi-LED displays has something to suit every application at 6,12 and 24v.


Our most popular "A" model is a 12v, dual mode unit. The 'D' device is a low power version of the 'A' model, especially for standby batteries that are not often charged. The very versatile "C" adds 6,12, and 24v operation, with six selectable indicated ranges. Model 'B' operates at 12 and 24v, with six indication ranges and an external programming / mode control button.


Stepping up to our 12 LED display models, the 'N' unit has 12 and 24v operation with 6 selectable indicated ranges. The 'M' model adds an 86db audible alarm feature, and external programming / alarm cancel button.


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6v 12v 24v Battery monitor 6 LED

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