6 TONE Miniature Panel Mount Sounder Buzzer Alarm Siren Alert Beeper 6v 12v 24v

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General Purpose sounder, suitable for audible alarm applications.
  • Compact - 14mm mounting hole and 16mm front panel space, with 25mm approx depth.
  • On vehicles,  fits into many vehicle switch blanking plates, no need to drill your dash.
  • Operates from 5.5 to 30v (Max).
  • Average current 20mA, max peak 70mA.
  • Six selectable tones (choose from one of six).
  • 91dBA average sound output @ 1Mtr, suits local alarm applications.
  • Suitable for DRY applications. Must be sheltered if used outdoors.
Many buzzer/sounder modules require a drive circuit to make them operate - this unit is COMPLETE and will sound simply by supplying it with 5.5 to 30v in constant volume regardless of voltage input.

The unit will sound a tone for one second every four seconds  (approx) whenever power is applied. Persistent tone every four seconds draws attention without being annoying.

The unit can be set to operate on one of six tone sequences by pressing the button on the device, holding for four seconds, then releasing. 

This will cause the unit to move to the next setting in the sequence.  Once the desired tone sequence is selected, the unit can be fitted into a panel. 

The device "remembers" the sound setting (for 100 years!) , so no need to reprogram when power is removed.



(All sound levels typical, measured on a flat surface at 10cm and 1 metre distance directly in front of unit using "Decibel 10th" App on Iphone 4s. Individual units may vary)

Unit is manufactured in, and supplied from the UK.
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