Twin Cylinder Motorcycle Electronic Ignition System Kit 12v volt NEGATIVE earth

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GAMMATRONIX PowerDriver MAGNUM Twin Cylinder Bike Electronic Ignition

12v NEGATIVE Earth Version



Revitalise your older or classic Motorcycle : Fit a Gammatronix PowerDriver MAGNUM Dual Ignition Module and get these improvements to your vehicle....



Higher spark energy and voltage output without changing your existing coil

Points wear virtually eliminated

Improved economy and power due to accurate spark timing and increased voltage

Sharper rev response of the engine

No spark erosion at points, and no condenser to fail.

8 Amp (2 ohms) coil driving capacity – 20 Amps peak



THE PowerDriver Ignition Solution

Most new petrol engined vehicles dont use points or a coil at all – they use "coil on plug" units, basically a miniature coil for EACH plug, and these contain an advanced driver semiconductor device for high output.

Older motocycles can take advantage of this new device's fast, high output nature, by adding this technology between their existing  coil and points – you keep the points, remove  the condenser, and get points that can last up to 50,000 miles and a big output from your coil.

Retaining your bike's original points setup, running at very low current, makes them last far far longer (up to 50K miles) while making this unit really easy to fit as no model specific sensors and rotor changes are required.

The Gammatronix PowerDriver Magnum is a dual unit, that can operate TWO coils from TWO sets of points as commonly found on twin cylinder bike engines. Each part of the module operates independently of the other for maximum reliability.

(If you have a single cylinder bike, see our Ebay shop for the even more compact single channel system)

The Gammatronix PowerDriver contains all its control electronics in a compact assembly just 65mm wide, 20mm tall and 85mm long. This small unit can be mounted  near to your existing coils or any other convenient mounting point.

Just four wires to connect for each 'half' of the module– red power, black  ground, then snip the wire from your points to your coil and connect the points side to the PowerDriver's blue wire and the coil side to the PowerDriver's yellow output wire.

PowerDriver gives you a control system that collapses the flux in your coil in millionths of a second to create a fat, precise, well timed spark that doesnt vary with arcing across the points, or alter over time due to spark erosion.



How Does It Work?

Conventional coil and points based systems on older bikes  suffer from several disadvantages due to system inefficiencies.

The presence of the condenser, sparking at the points and slow coil  "magnetic flux dump" time of a conventional ignition system leads to a less than optimal output from the coil. The physics are that the faster the coil primary voltage disconnects, (leading to a rapid collapse of stored inductive flux in the coil) the higher the peak voltage output of the coil will be. 

The Gammatronix PowerDriver Magnum Ignition eliminates the inefficiencies in your ignition system  by charging the coil rapidly and dumping the stored coil primary flux FAST to make a bigger, better, more precisely timed spark.



Is It Right For My Bike?

It is if you can say YES to the following questions :

1. My Bike has a standard coil and points and condenser ignition powered from the battery with TWO coils and TWO points - one for each cylinder

2. My Bike doesnt have a magneto operated ignition typical of pre 1960s bikes (spark comes from the magneto -  Lucas or similar - rather than a battery powered coil)

3. My Bike has a 12v electrical system

4. My Bike has the battery negative terminal connected to the chassis (negative earth)



The Gammatronix PowerDriver MAGNUM Module comes in negative earth only, and as a 6v or 12v model – please make sure you buy the correct unit for your vehicle's voltage – check the title of this listing to be sure you are buying a compatible version.

Unit comes with full printed installation instructions and mounting ties.

All units have a 12 month warranty.




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