Dummy Burglar Alarm Box Flashing warning LED LARGE 10MM size 5 year flash life

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For Dummy Burglar Alarm Boxes.
So, you have fitted a dummy alarm, but its not very visible at night time!
Fit this simple LARGE 10mm LED (most on ebay are small 3mm or 5mm units) which will emit a bright white light every four seconds. Putting this behind the coloured panel in your alarm unit will diffuse the narrow intense 10cd 10 degree beam to create a "blob" of light.
Ideal for Pyronix and similar boxes that have a coloured panel in the bottom which would normally have a light fitted in a "real" installation.
Simply fit 3x AA type batteries (Alkaline preferred) for 5+ years of life, and fix the LED and battery pack inside the box with the adhesive fittings supplied.
LED is "poseable" and can be angle -adjusted to give the best viewing angle from outside the alarm box.
Note this is for fitting in your alarm box - no alarm box or batteries supplied
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