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Waterproof Integrated LED Battery charge / level indicator






Good for ALL MOTORCYCLE and vehicle 12 volt applications, with LONG 1200mm leads, and with a fitting kit (self adhesive pad and cable ties) to keep your unit and wiring neatly in place. Rubber wrapped for environmental and shock protection. Good for any 12v battery (Lead-Acid, Gel or Fibre mat)


Blinks when vehicle is parked to indicate battery state, and simulates the appearance of a theft alarm, adding and extra level of security as well as looking after your electrics!


With this neat little device, you get a nice clear warning that something is wrong with your battery or alternator, so you can get home fast before your battery dies, or stop right away before your engine ECU and other costly electronics are damaged. AN OVERVOLTAGE ALTERNATOR CAN FRY YOUR ELECTRICS! When in storage, your bike is monitored for a discharging battery too.


The unit installs with only three wires (two to the battery, one to the ignition switch) and mounts using the adhesive pad and tie provided.  


During riding, the unit indicates using the tri-colour LED, the state of your battery on the road - is it charging, or overcharging?


When parked, or in the garage, etc, the unit drops into super low power mode, and blinks once every two seconds to tell you if your battery needs a boost charge as you leave it idle. This also has the great side effect of looking a lot like a theft alarm, so you get the added bonus of a little extra security, even though its really just checking your battery out!


This neat unit provides the following indicated levels to tell you the status of your electrics :


Basically, green when riding = A OK, anything else, check your bike out!


When parked, Green is good, anything else, charge that battery when storing your bike!


Check the specification!...............

  • Protects and warns  against Undercharging, Overcharging, and 'flat' batteries.
  • Works on-the-road and when bike is in storage to warn of a flat battery.
  • Integrated tri colour (Red, Green, Yellow).
  • SEALED into a rugged "rubberised" jacket, approx 17mm diameter and 50mm long.
  • 10mm tri-colour LED indication of your battery level or charging state.
  • Voltage : 12v DC.
  • Unit will operate down to 3.7v and up to 16v.
  • Power Consumption : 0.01Amps nominal when riding, 0.0005Amps in storage - Almost nothing!
  • Reverse voltage protected and internally fused.
  • Supplied with 1000mm connection leads.
  • Comes with comprehensive instructions.


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