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Low Temperature Warning LED


We can't stop you skidding on Ice but we can let you know it might be there.....


New cars have low temperature / ice warning indications as standard, but older cars and bikes do not have this pre-warning and extra level of protection. By fitting this compact intelligent microprocessor based unit you can add to the safety of your vehicle.


Simple fitment, one hole to drill, just two wires to connect (power and ground) and an external sensor to place. 


Unit warns when temperature has fallen below 3C and 0C or below, and provides an illuminated warning.


As each temperature level is reached, the unit flashes 10 times for 5 seconds, and remains illuminated until the vehicle is switched off, or the temperature rises above 5C.


The LED provides a colour coded warning :


Yellow / Amber: Temperature at or below 3C but not below 0C


Red : Temperature below or at 0C


Green : External sensor not connected (Operational / installation safety check)


Simply fit the unit into a 14mm dia hole, with at least 40mm depth behind panel, connect up the power supply wires, and mount the external sensor. The sensor has 1500mm long leads to allow external mounting in a suitable position, and simply plugs into the rear of the LED unit. Unit draws less than 0.5mA when inactive (above 3C) and 20mA or less when in warning state. Unit will operate between 3.7v and 30v DC.


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