12v LED battery status monitor level meter Micropower D

12v LED battery status monitor level meter Micropower D

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12v Battery Monitor With Fitting Kit


Good for any 12v battery (Lead-Acid, Gel type or fibre mat technology cells) where you want to monitor levels between the ranges specified in the tables below.


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See table at bottom of listing to help your choce from the four models of monitor we offer.


Please note that this is the low power version for unmaintained batteries left unattended and uncharged for several months at a time. This unit is most suitable for systems with no charging facility, such as batteries in portable equipment, golf buggies, batteries used for shed lighting, fixed installations with no mains supply, electric fences, etc.


This unit is intended to provide a permanenty on (no sleep or standby mode) display for use in low power unmaintained battery systems.  No button pressing is needed to get a reading. This unit looks after itself, and its clear 6 LED levels, and 'emergency flash' at critical battery levels on red LED are simple and easy to understand. You can set the unit to flash the current LED once per second, or be permanently on.


The Details...............

Its annoying when your battery goes flat without warning. This neat little unit can be used wherever you have a 12v  based electrical system. Perhaps your camper or boat, battery operated equipment, indoors or outdoors, or that battery you have to power the lights in your shed can go flat on you without warning.


This compact gadget will show you by means of six bright LEDs the voltage level of your battery.


Simple fitment instructions are included with the device.


Simple fitment instructions are included with the device. A fitting kit comprising  tie wraps and rear mounted adhesive pads and bases is supplied  to allow fitment to any flat or curved surface - fix to dashboard, wall, handlebars, any surface you can stick and loop cable ties around.


Specifications :

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Just 49mm W x 24mm  H x 16mm D (About the size of your thumb!). SMALLEST 6 LED UNIT ON EBAY!
  • Splashproof construction
  • Voltage : 12v (Max 16v).  Accuracy to +/- 0.1v. Unit will operate down to less than 4v.
  • Power Consumption : 'Micropower Mode' - Less than 400 millionths of an Amp in 'flashing' mode. Your battery will self discharge long before the consumption of the battery monitor has a significant effect on it. Typical life on a 40Ah car battery at 500 millionths of an Amp useage is 80,000 hours (9 years!) Your battery will be long discharged on its own before this time! Leave a lead acid battery on its own for a few months and will will be flat with no load whatsover. Even more reason to monitor it with this neat device.
  • Power Consumption : Less than 2mA in 'Alternate' mode
  • Alternative 'always on' mode with just 6mA consumption, selectable via yellow wire. An external (user supplied) switch or 'enable' at supply volts can be applied to this wire to swap modes 'on the fly'.
  • Internally PTC fused (self resetting)  - dont risk your system wiring with an unfused unit!
  • Reverse voltage protected. Try connecting it up backwards, you cant break it!
  • Built-in input noise filtering / supression
  • Surge clamped supply input - prevents 'spikes' from noisy electrical systems damaging the unit
  • Internal 'watchdog' makes sure the unit can never crash and is always reliable
  • RC integrated voltage measurement input
  • Multiple oversampling - unit takes 10+ readings to obtain greatest accuracy
  • Built in hysteresis to prevent 'bouncing LED' when unit is at changeover point.
  • Display LEDs flash once per second to indicate current battery level
  • Clear and obvious display without coded multi-led flashing, which needs data sheet to understand! Your granny would know what this unit is telling you!
  • Mode input allows lowest current operation (led flashes once per second at current level) or LED always on. Your choice!
  • Supplied with comprehensive printed instruction sheet


LED Operating Points


This unit operates by illuminating an LED at the current battery level point.


In micropower mode, the Yellow wire is left unconnected, and the LED will flash and update once per second.


In Alternate mode (connect yellow wire to supply, or energise via an enable line or external optional switch), will have one LED always on at any time. Great if flashing might be annoying in your application, or you can spare that little extra current.


The red LED has multi-functional capability. Once the red LED illuminates, the battery is considered discharged. If further current is drawn, it may deep-discharge and reduce future battery life. User warning against further discharge is indicated by slow flashing, and critical level indicated by rapid flashing of the red LED.





The unit has three wires:


Leave the Yellow wire unconnected for lowest operating current and "10 year"  40Ah battery life, or connect to +Supply for Alternate 'LED Always on' mode.


The unit is intended for surface mounting via the backing tape provided. It may also be mounted behind a panel with LEDs exposed through suitable holes. LEDs are on a 7mm pitch and require a 5.5mm clearance hole if mounted in this way.


The internal module may also be removed by simply removing four screws from the rear cover and pressing the leds at the front to pop the electronic module out the rear.


Model Comparison Table:




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