Universal Electronic Ignition System 12v POSITIVE earth

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In Stock - The POSITIVE Earth version of our popular Ignition System!


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This page is for a 12v POSITIVE EARTH Model


If you require Negative Earth, please see our Electronic Ignitions Systems section.


This Electronic Ignition System is an easy to fit enhancement to ANY 12V POSITIVE EARTH classic and older vehicle with conventional points based ignition system. Positive earth systems will generally be found on pre and 1960's vehicles.



  • Easier starting.
  • Smoother running.
  • Higher energy spark from faster  ‘break’ of points circuit, promoting improved fuel combustion.
  • Better average fuel consumption due to car remaining in tune – Unit will pay for itself in fuel savings.
  • No burning or pitting of points, which cause ignition timing errors AND loss of power and economy.
  • No need to set or replace points every service – no more messing with timing lights every 6,000 miles!
  • Points lasts MUCH longer, life limited only by the wear of the heel on the cam.
  • 50,000 mile typical points life.
  • Good for all rev ranges and cylinder combinations.



All modern vehicles benefit from electronic, high energy ignition systems. By fitting a Gammatronix unit, your classic vehicle can also enjoy these benefits. Retaining your original points, you get  the improvements of a modern electronic ignition system, with minimal changes to your classic or older vehicle. Our unit is an easy fitment, and is universal for all 12v POSITIVE  earth points ignition systems. Its also compact at only approx approx 90mm x 30mm x 40mm in size. (If you require a negative earth version, please see our 'shop' listings).



It is if you can answer 'Yes' to the following questions:

  • My car has a distributor with a points fitted.
  • My battery POSITIVE terminal is connected to the car body.
  • My battery is 12v.



Simply mount the unit with the fitting kit supplied, connect up the four wires (power, earth, points and coil) and that's it!


You can mount the unit directly to the coil or to any suitable point close by. No drilling required.


The fitting kit provided includes mounting straps, cable ties / tidies and full printed fitting instructions.



The unit has a handy orange LED which can be used as a ‘timing light’ to indicate if the points are open or closed, and to confirm correct installation and operation.


The Electronic Ignition unit is housed in a compact (approx 90mm x 30mm x 40mm) rugged cast aluminium enclosure to keep everything running cool and smoothly running.


The unit is brand new, and covered by a full 12 months guarantee.


Buy with confidence, from a UK Limited Company. We have a no arguments return guarantee.


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