Single LED Voltage Monitors

Single LED Voltage Monitors


Our best selling single LED units comprise of the versatile model 'J' which has 6,12 and 24v operation, and six different display modes, in a compact 12mm mounting package.


The 'E' model, suitable for 12v systems, has two selectable voltage and charge monitoring modes, for systems with and without alternator charging. Model 'K' is a compact 5mm version of the 'E' unit, and needs just a 6mm hole for mounting.


Our "Motorcycle" models, sold in 6v and 12v versions, are a ruggedised, weatherproofed charge and battery standby monitoring system with long sleeved connection leads. The 'G' model, which is sealed into its own, fully  waterproofed ruggedised case, needs no holes drilled and can be clipped or velcro'd into place.


Model 'L' is suitable for non vehicle type batteries, such as Alkaline, NiMh and Lipo types, and can be sett to monitor an number of different cell voltages, all in a compact 5mm LED format. This is a great solution for modellers and electronic hobbyists, even finding their way into electric guitars and wah-wah pedals.


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