6v, 12v, 24v LED Battery level voltage monitor J

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Integrated PROGRAMMABLE LED Battery charge / level indicator


NEVER be left WITHOUT WARNING that your Bike, Car, Caravan, Camper, RV, electrical equipment, RC model, Bait Boat, or even that battery powering your light in the shed, is going 'Flat'


This versatile unit can be used wherever you have a 24v, 12v or 6v  lead-acid battery or charging system. One wire to battery positive, one to negative. We couldnt have made it simpler.


Check the specification!...............

  • Simple programming via single built in pushbutton.
  • Unit can be set  to operate on 6v, 12v, 24v DC. Settings retained after power off for 100 years!!!
  • Can be set to operate on one of 6 programmable 'maps.'
  • Works with all Lead acid, fibre mat or gel cells, and all other batteries that operate within the set ranges.
  • Protects and warns  against Undercharging, Overcharging, and 'flat' batteries.
  • Tri colour (Red, Green, Yellow)  10mm LED with removeable bezel.
  • Just 21mm behind 2mm thick control panel when mounted.
  • Single 14mm hole required for mounting. (10mm without bezel).
  • Unit will operate down to 3.7v and up to 30v.
  • Power Consumption : 10mA nominal, low power modes (modes 3 and 6 -  just 500 microamps).
  • Multiple oversampling - unit takes 10+ readings to obtain greatest accuracy.
  • Built in hysteresis to prevent 'strobing LED' when unit is at changeover point.
  • Supplied with fitted connection leads.
  • Comprehensive colour fitting instructions.


The tri-colour LED will illuminate in different colours, as per the table below, to show the state of your battery. 



One of the 6 operating modes (1 - 6) may be selected by the user at installation time. The default applications are in the below table. The user may select the best mode for their application regardless of suggested use.



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