12V LED MOTORCYCLE / BIKE Battery level and Charge monitor

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Integrated LED Battery charge / level indicator

12v Model


Optimised for MOTORCYCLE applications, with LONG 1200mm leads, more than enough to reach your battery, and with printed instructions and a cable tie fitting kit to keep your wiring neatly in place. Neoprene rubber wrapped for environmental and shock protection.


Good for any 12v battery (Lead-Acid, Gel or Fibre mat) where you want to monitor charging and voltage levels on the road AND when your bike is parked or stored.


Thousands of voltage monitors sold! Buyers comments for our range of monitors:

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Check the specification!...............

  • Protects and warns  against Undercharging, Overcharging, and 'flat' batteries when in storage.
  • Monitors when on the road AND when vehicle parked / stored.
  • Integrated tri colour (Red, Green, Yellow)  10mm LED and microprocessor assembly - indicates SIX different conditions.
  • Flashes when parked - looks like a security system LED.
  • Fully rubber wrapped for waterproofing and shock resistance.
  • Just 40mm depth behind control panel.
  • Single 14mm hole required for mounting.
  • 10mm tri-colour LED indication of your battery level or charging state.
  • Unit will operate down to 3.7v.
  • Power Consumption : 10mA nominal on the road, 0.5mA when parked - essentially nothing!
  • Internally PTC fused (self resetting) + reverse voltage protected.
  • Multiple oversampling - unit takes 10+ readings to obtain greatest accuracy.
  • Built in hysteresis to prevent 'strobing LED' when unit is at changeover point.
  • Supplied with fitted connection leads 1.2m long.
  • Supplied with comprehensive instructions.


The Details...............

Its annoying when your battery goes flat without warning. Some vehicles, such as older motorcycles, don't even warn you if your alternator has failed. You run on battery until the lights get dim, engine misfires and everything stops. Worse - Some bike alternators can suffer regulator failure, and your battery and ££££ electrics get fried with excess voltage.


With this neat little device, you get a nice clear warning that something is wrong, so you can get home fast before your battery dies, or stop right away before your engine ECU and other costly electronics are damaged.


PLUS when your bike is in the garage in storage, you have a quick and easy way to monitor the battery state - LED blinks green, yellow or red to let you know if you need to top your battery up.


The large 10mm green/red/yellow/flashing LED is sealed into a black mounting bezel, with just two wires you connect into your electrical system. One to battery positive, one to negative. We couldn't have made it simpler.


The table below show the operating range of the unit, depending on the mode set :



So on the road you should only see constant green (no distracting flashing in normal operation) - flashing red green means alternator failure (overcharging!) and dropping to yellow means your system is heavily loaded (heated gloves, etc).


When parked or stored, you see flashing green, yellow or red for battery 'idle' status.


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